for HIV+ children

Children receiving treatment for HIV are now expected to live a normal lifespan. Sadly, less than half of HIV+ children receive any treatment and many receive insufficient treatment.


Support & Meds

Children with HIV who receive treatment
can live a long and heathy life.

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Did you know? Millions of invisible orphans living with HIV are abandoned by their families and communities.

Our Mission

Save lives, improve lives, increase awareness through education.

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The Facts

Discover the real facts about HIV and how it affects society.

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The documentary will explore families living healthy and full lives with HIV.

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Follow our behind the scenes shots of our documentary in progress.

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You will NOT get HIV Infection from a child living in normal social and family situations.

You can’t catch HIV from hugging, kissing, sharing a meal or being a friend to these children.

Children with HIV can be adopted into loving families.


Filming in Xi’an, China

Leaving kids at home during the school holidays and Easter was a tough call for the three mums on this trip to